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About Us

Wedding & Family Photographers based in Birmingham, AL.

Derek & Jennifer Crosby married in 2001 and founded Greater Image Photography as they found their passion while photographing their son, Elijah. Greater Image is founded on the premise of finding your identity in Christ. Too often in this world we base our image off of what we see in the mirror and what we do as a profession and not as who we are in Him. Through the friendships made from behind the lens we hope to not only capture the image in front of us, but display the reality of your image in Him. If we can do that, then our purpose will have been fulfilled.

We love capturing your life moments as they happen; whether that is in the comfort of your own home as you welcome a little one into the world or miles away as you say

“I Do” and begin a new journey with the love of your life!

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Derek & Jennifer Crosby

Birmingham, AL


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